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Poop Pickup Masters is a service that will come to your house, pick up your dog's poop and disinfect the contact area. We offer affordable weekly and one-time pick up services. 

Why Should I Remove The Poop?

+ Let us do the dirty work and remove the poop.

+ Keep your yard clean so your children can enjoy the outdoors.

+ Dog poop contains dangerous Bacteria and Parasites.

+ It takes over 9 weeks for dog poop to decompose in your yard.

+ Dog Feces can attract mice into your yard, potentially entering your home.

+ If stepped on, Toxins from dog waste can be transferred to inside your home.

+ Lawn mowing can spread feces onto porches, barbecue grills, swimming pools and decks.

+ During a storm, dog waste can make it's way into our rivers and lakes.
+ Dog Feces will damage grass.

"There are around 90 million dogs that are living in America. That's around 11 million tons of poop each year." - Susan Freinkel (LiveScience)

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** Special $10 off the Monthly service $49. $39 per month for one month only. No contract. Month to Month. Cancel anytime.

    Special $10 off One Time service of $30. $20 for One Time service. No contract.

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